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The beautiful French Riviera

These months in the French Riviera have been more challenging and rewarding than I ever would have thought. I have learned so much about other cultures, the French language and the customs of local during this time in Nice. The city is big, and there is always something happening whether it be winter festivals, jazz music events or city marathons. The security of France has declined after several terrorist attacks, and it has effected the atmosphere in Southern France too, but after a while this feels like any other Southern European city.

Eze Village

I have been studying international marketing, global trade and French history in addition to French, and these courses have really added to my knowledge about these subjects. Studying things from an international view helps to understand both domestic and global aspects when talking for example about marketing. The tutorials and lectures have been educational and I really like the business school I am attending.

During free time I have explored other towns and villages close to Nice and my favorites so far are Eze, Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Cap ferrat. These places have outstanding views to the sea and beautiful old fortresses and ruins from the Middle Ages. I have to say I’ve come to realize why so many artists have settled in the French Riviera for centuries already.


Rothschild Palace, Cap Ferrat

I have met people from all over the world and never stop wondering how great it is to form a connection with a person from so far away. I am not the only Finnish exchange student here but I am definitely in minority, since all you can hear on the corridors of the school are Spanish and Irish English. The lecturers are not that demanding, so we get a lot of free time. I have had friends and family over both from Finland and Italy, and had had the opportunity to show them all of my favorite places.

The return to home is closer and closer, but I still have a few moments in Nice that I will enjoy from the bottom of my heart!


-Sara Suokko

Greetings from Prague


In my student exchange in Prague coming to an end last weekend exported. All tests have now been completed and marks obtained in coursework. Studies in the English language was not easy for me, but my language skills improved necessarily a wee bit. Also, I made it to survive two oral test. I’m glad, because it was totally new to me. In Finland, I have never had an oral exam and even in English.

Prague is a beautiful city and a very popular tourist destination. Buck has a lot of great old buildings and the streets are clean. Buck has good transport links, as well as within the city, the rest of Europe in Prague. Prague has good opportunities for shopping, cultural experiences, for example, classical music.

In my view, the best was to go hiking just outside of Prague. By train came in an instant out of town and hiking trails were the true wealth of immediately outside the city. Prague, the countryside is really beautiful, because relief are large and the Vltava river flowing at the bottom.

Great craic in Ireland

I’ve been in Ireland for five months and still staying strong. Last of the exams are over and now it is only matter of the results coming in. I came to Tralee in January, when it was windy and raining all the time, just like Finnish winters are now. The first impression I got from this little town that is was quiet and the people living here were very helpful and kindhearted. The accent in Kerry is the thickest I have ever heard, listening and nodding are my greatest strengths.

I mainly chose Ireland by accident, because I had to change my destination to something else, do to the fact I couldn’t leave in autumn. But it is easier to choose an English speaking country and  I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland.

The school has two campuses to facilitate all the fields of study. I had problems choosing courses, because most of the courses I chose weren’t available, for some reasons. At the start I was happy with all of my decisions, but first impressions are deceiving. Quickly I noticed that some of the lecturers don’t fit the standard of educating, but others do. The workload for me was massive and after 80 pages of writing I was exhausted, choose your courses carefully. For some lecturers you could see the passion for their work and it was a motivational factor, but some just demotivate you. I’m lucky I didn’t have any group projects, because I heard some horror stories about the work of the local students, the lack of it. After the crazy amount of studying I’m more convinced I like the system better in Finland, because we actually do something and not just go over theories I’m not going to need.

2016-02-01 13.32.05

Of course we had a lot of free time and most of the Erasmus live in the same place, so it was easy to get to know everyone. The town is small, but everything is close by and you can get easily from town to the next. We used The Irish experience tours services a lot, because they offer cheap tours for students which was grand and you get to see the scenery. Otherwise just see as much as you can and enjoy. I think this doesn’t help my English at all, because the Irish talk a little funny and I’m picking up some bad habits.

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Meet Gdańsk

I came to Gdansk to complete my internship at Kemira Gdansk, in the back office. I have now been here for 3 weeks and there are still over 4 months to go.
The impression I have had so far are mostly positive. The work is nice, the colleagues are even nicer and very helpful. At the moment I am handling shipments within Finland but my scope will grow over time.

Old mill in Gdansk
Old mill in Gdansk

The city is beautiful and full of possibilities, whatever the heart desires. You can go climbing, go to the beach or suck up culture by visiting museums.

At the moment the Icehockey World Championship is going on and for every game of the Finnish Lions we Finns meet up and watch the games together. The Finnish community within the comp20160503_145053any is very strong, so you’ll never be alone.

I am excited for the remaining months, developing my skills in the back office and making more friends with my co-workers. I am also hoping to go to a Polish language course, to learn some Polish. And I am waiting for the summer to fully arrive because the city will be even more vibrant then.

Günter Grass and Oskar from The Tin Drum
Günter Grass and Oskar from The Tin Drum


Grüsse aus Dortmund!

It was about two months ago when I arrived at the Düsseldorf airport ready to take a train to Dortmund thinking, what on earth I was thinking when I chose Germany to be my exchange destination! But soon I realized why: the food, the people, the language and the schooling system. Everything is so well organized here and people are very nice. I must mention though, that even though the Germans are extremely punctual and love to have everything in order, the trains seem to be late. Always.

School is nice and so are other exchange students, but sometimes I feel a little bit like a big sister, because most other exchange students are younger than me. I have learned some patience with them and the most important thing is that I’ve had good time with them. All students get a semester ticket to travel free in public transport in Nordrhein-Westfalen area. So we have made several trips within the state and seen many very beautiful places. WP_20160409_011        WP_20160402_020 WP_20160409_030

Lectures are okey, but in some classes studying in English is a challenge. The teachers speak very good English which is good. We don’t have that many group works or writing assignments here. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing, because I kind of like the system we have in Finland.

All in all, I’m happy I came here, but the time has been flying so fast! I’m definitely going to miss this place when I will return back home in July.

Paris is always a good idea



I’ve now spent over 3 months in one of the world’s most beautiful cities and soon it’s time for me to leave.  I’ve seen many incredible and beautiful places and eaten a lot of good food, a lot.. So basically Paris has been everything i expected.



I’ve done my studies in ESCE International Business School, and it’s been more work than i thought it would be. Even though in most of the weeks i have been just 3 days in school, there’s still much work you got to do at home, like presentations and group works. Now i’m almost done with school, only 3 exams and 1 presentation, it’s crazy how fast the time goes. All in all ESCE has been quite ok school, i’ve had some very good teachers and some not that good. IMG_0093 (2)It’s not all school work, luckily we’ve had enough spare time too. I’ve been so lucky that i’ve found many good friends from my student residence, who also does some same classes as me. On our spare time i’ve just tried to experience Paris as much as i can. Days i’ve spend in museums, tourist places and in the beautiful streets of Paris, just breathing the city, eating baguette and some sweet desserts. Nights we’ve gathered together to some nice and cheap bar to IMG_0327have drinks and have fun. I’m going to miss the never ending places you can find and things you can do in this city of light.

Paris, i love you.

– Mira

Fast beating & flowing times in Shanghai

Graduate nursing studies in Shanghai has gone well as far now. I came here to do some practical training and studying and that is what I have done – of course a lot of other things too 🙂

But something about studies… There are five nursing student from TAMK and Centria. There are also other exchange nursing students from different countries in our campus. Here I and other finnish nursing students have been in different kind of hospital departments like childrens heart unit, gynecology oncology, ICU and pediatric.

Childrens heart unit – cannuling room

Beside that we have been studing in campus, TCM (traditional chinese medicine), chinese language etc. In the beginning of our exchange studies here, we were also studying with chinese students some nursing theory things like mental helath sciences, pediatric and chemistry.

Classroom in campus

..But we also have been in orphanage which has been very pedagogical and educational experience. Maybe the best part of studies 🙂

Sometimes there is just a quiet beat in the heart

Our campus is good, rooms are nice and possibility to do some sports is very good. There are near everything you need and the rest you can find in the centre of Pudong by bus or in the downtown by the subway.

City itself is big. It is always moving, there are always something new and something that you never find. This is paradise to people who wants to shop but there are also much more. In here you can find a lot of nice corners, areas and yeah, always something new and different.

Beat of this city is fast but time in here is flowing. It is a little bit funny

– but in a good way I think.

IMG_2800 IMG_3010 IMG_3308 IMG_3407

Halfway report UK Southampton

Hello peeps! Been long right? 😀 Sorry for that….

So yeah, I have now been in UK for four months and I have started to blend in too well. Nowadays when I do my usual mumbling I tend to do it in English without thinking. It’s a good sign right?

I even sometimes understand the locals!

But jokes aside, It’s been great experience, my English has really improved and I’ve had great time! I do still miss sauna, salmiakki and, weird enough, snow! There has not been any snow here at all and it has messed up my inner clock completely. Grass is growing and trees are blossoming in the park 😀 Also the seagulls are dancing! There are seagulls in a park on my way to shool that stomp the ground repeteadly. I am suspecting they’re imitating rain to lure and catch worms, or they’re morse coding someone. Moles perhaps….

Haven’t done too much travelling done in UK but I was able to tag along to a trip in Edinburgh. Beautiful landscapes, amazing city, interesting history, awesome castle “above” the city and ridiculously epic dialect! 😀 Hear it, Learn it

 View from the Edinburgh castle was amazing!

 Edinburgh Castle entrance, was a great experience!

Scottish solutions for happiness     And our lovely hostel, which was an old chuch

Royal mile (castle end)    Nice n chatty people everywhere 🙂


Last but not least Haggis with Nips and Tatties along side pint of Caledonia Best.

At the moment I have already started my second semester and I am on taking only two units = courses + few optionals ones. I have been trying to find a sauna from here but apparently Southampton + Sauna ain’t the thing you thought.

Also I tell you people, Oreos are DANGEROUS I ended up biting my tooth in half because of one :/

As a recap from my past few months I have been busy with my schoolwork. For the first semester I had three mandatory courses (A.K.A courses I get credits out of…). I have highlighted the courses I really liked in Blue.

Mandatory courses:

  • Level design, 2nd year course (Group and Individual task included, lenght was ~6 weeks)
  • Advanced 3D, 2nd year (We learned all sorts of advanced 3D methods, lenght ~8 weeks)
  • Model building, 1st year (Fundamentals of 3D modelling with MAX lenght ~14weeks)

Optional courses:

  •  CGI 1, 1st year (Computer Graphics Imaginery, Involved rigging & animating)
  • Prop studies, 1st year (We went through how to draw/concept/theory to back our 3D)
  • Texture creation, 1st year (Learned how to do hand painted and referenced textures)

 Few of the stuff I did during the first semester.


 Level design / Group – Scifi track UE4, team members V. Tsagkaropoulos



Level design / Individual – Duke’s Alley UE4


Model building – Gublade FFVII & TB headphones (20 min model)


Advanced 3D -Scope Videotutorials pt 1 & pt 2

(caution, me trying to explain something technical in English)


Advanced 3D -Baking a tire

Advanced 3D – Theory of modular building pieces

Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you got any questions 🙂


KeimoJ, MaailmanmatkaaJanne

PS. Orignal post here

Greetings from Iceland


I´ve just started my last month in Reykjavik. Studying in Reykjavik University has been great experience, school is small but good. I have courses from Engineering school, about electrical engineering, and Business school. Reykjavik University has about 50 exchange students right now.


I´m living in a guesthouse, which is located almost in Downtown. To university it´s about 30 minutes walking. I´m living with seven other exchange students.

We have done lot of trips around the island, and i´ve seen many cool waterfalls and geothermal areas with hot spots.




I am doing my exchange at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, England. I’ve been here for about four months now and will head home soon. All in all, it has been a great experience and the time has gone really quick!

I’m doing four individual modules at Staffs: TRIAD, Business Negotiation Techniques, International Culture & Communication, and Enterprising Graduate. All of them have been quite interesting but I’d say TRIAD was the best one. It was about business between the EU, USA, and Japan, how it all works and who are the nations that are threatening TRIAD’s spot on the top of global business. The term has been quite relaxed: I only had lectures three days a week. I always had Mondays and Fridays off so I had a long weekend every week haha. Not too bad.

During the four months I have made heaps of friends! At first I spent a lot of time with the other internationals, mainly Germans and the French. Now, during the last couple of months, I’ve been spending a lot more time with my four English flat mates. I also joined the university’s ladies’ rugby team back in January and made more friends that way. The team wasn’t as good as I had hoped but still got good experience out of that and definitely had fun with the rugby girls!

I got to travel a bit as well, although not as much as I was planning to. Got to see Leeds, York, Manchester, Dublin, Nottingham, Warrington, and areas around Stoke.


Thanks for reading!

Maija xx