Halfway report UK Southampton

Hello peeps! Been long right? 😀 Sorry for that….

So yeah, I have now been in UK for four months and I have started to blend in too well. Nowadays when I do my usual mumbling I tend to do it in English without thinking. It’s a good sign right?

I even sometimes understand the locals!

But jokes aside, It’s been great experience, my English has really improved and I’ve had great time! I do still miss sauna, salmiakki and, weird enough, snow! There has not been any snow here at all and it has messed up my inner clock completely. Grass is growing and trees are blossoming in the park 😀 Also the seagulls are dancing! There are seagulls in a park on my way to shool that stomp the ground repeteadly. I am suspecting they’re imitating rain to lure and catch worms, or they’re morse coding someone. Moles perhaps….

Haven’t done too much travelling done in UK but I was able to tag along to a trip in Edinburgh. Beautiful landscapes, amazing city, interesting history, awesome castle “above” the city and ridiculously epic dialect! 😀 Hear it, Learn it

 View from the Edinburgh castle was amazing!

 Edinburgh Castle entrance, was a great experience!

Scottish solutions for happiness     And our lovely hostel, which was an old chuch

Royal mile (castle end)    Nice n chatty people everywhere 🙂


Last but not least Haggis with Nips and Tatties along side pint of Caledonia Best.

At the moment I have already started my second semester and I am on taking only two units = courses + few optionals ones. I have been trying to find a sauna from here but apparently Southampton + Sauna ain’t the thing you thought.

Also I tell you people, Oreos are DANGEROUS I ended up biting my tooth in half because of one :/

As a recap from my past few months I have been busy with my schoolwork. For the first semester I had three mandatory courses (A.K.A courses I get credits out of…). I have highlighted the courses I really liked in Blue.

Mandatory courses:

  • Level design, 2nd year course (Group and Individual task included, lenght was ~6 weeks)
  • Advanced 3D, 2nd year (We learned all sorts of advanced 3D methods, lenght ~8 weeks)
  • Model building, 1st year (Fundamentals of 3D modelling with MAX lenght ~14weeks)

Optional courses:

  •  CGI 1, 1st year (Computer Graphics Imaginery, Involved rigging & animating)
  • Prop studies, 1st year (We went through how to draw/concept/theory to back our 3D)
  • Texture creation, 1st year (Learned how to do hand painted and referenced textures)

 Few of the stuff I did during the first semester.


 Level design / Group – Scifi track UE4, team members V. Tsagkaropoulos



Level design / Individual – Duke’s Alley UE4


Model building – Gublade FFVII & TB headphones (20 min model)


Advanced 3D -Scope Videotutorials pt 1 & pt 2

(caution, me trying to explain something technical in English)


Advanced 3D -Baking a tire

Advanced 3D – Theory of modular building pieces

Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you got any questions 🙂


KeimoJ, MaailmanmatkaaJanne

PS. Orignal post here http://callofssu.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/halfway-through.html

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