Paris is always a good idea



I’ve now spent over 3 months in one of the world’s most beautiful cities and soon it’s time for me to leave.  I’ve seen many incredible and beautiful places and eaten a lot of good food, a lot.. So basically Paris has been everything i expected.



I’ve done my studies in ESCE International Business School, and it’s been more work than i thought it would be. Even though in most of the weeks i have been just 3 days in school, there’s still much work you got to do at home, like presentations and group works. Now i’m almost done with school, only 3 exams and 1 presentation, it’s crazy how fast the time goes. All in all ESCE has been quite ok school, i’ve had some very good teachers and some not that good. IMG_0093 (2)It’s not all school work, luckily we’ve had enough spare time too. I’ve been so lucky that i’ve found many good friends from my student residence, who also does some same classes as me. On our spare time i’ve just tried to experience Paris as much as i can. Days i’ve spend in museums, tourist places and in the beautiful streets of Paris, just breathing the city, eating baguette and some sweet desserts. Nights we’ve gathered together to some nice and cheap bar to IMG_0327have drinks and have fun. I’m going to miss the never ending places you can find and things you can do in this city of light.

Paris, i love you.

– Mira

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