Greetings from MADrid!

I’ve been living in Madrid now for four months. Time has flown very quickly and I’m finishing my exchange in two weeks. Life in a city which never sleeps is upbeat, full of experiences (and tourists) and above all, never boring. Nightlife is totally on its own level and there aren’t days you can’t find something to do. Madrid offers something to everyone. I live at Plaza Mayor, which is located near the main plaza of Madrid, Puerta del Sol. These two are the most attractive sights in Madrid besides the King’s Palace (Palacio Real), famous museums and the huge park Retiro.


Plaza Mayor

Life in an unorganized country like Spain is not always rosy. People don’t speak English or they at least refuse to do it so you just need to learn to speak Spanish. Luckily it’s easy to find language courses and the university offers them as well. Studying in Spain is also very different from Finland and the school system is way behind compared to ours.

Erasmus in Spain has been full of new experiences, friends and fun moments. From Madrid it’s easy to travel everywhere and I have travelled a lot within Spain – to Toledo, Granada, Cadiz, Sevilla, Alicante, Valencia, Ibiza, Malaga and Barcelona. I made a trip to Morocco as well, and the country is very different from European countries. Many of my friends visited me and I got an honor to show them my new home city and everyone totally liked it.

I have two weeks left in Spain and I’m going to enjoy every moment. Even if I’m going to miss every single minute spent here, I’m happy to go home! Hasta luego, Spain!

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