Soul – South-Korea


First steps in Korea was interesting, lots of people, massive metro map, food and whole culture was epic! The city is “divided” to North and South side of Han-River, at South are Gangnam, Olympic park, etc. North side most popular sightseengs and shopping centers.


-Soul MetroMap


-War Memorial of Korea and backside Soul Tower

Living and studying in Soul was quite different. One word Reverence, every citizen in Korea reverence elder, professors, mom and dad etc. That aspect have to students and travellers understand and learn.  And few pics about studying…

IMG-20151014-WA0013 IMG-20151014-WA0014


I know few other finns are also studying in Soul, so sometimes it was nice meet and cook some Finnish food to other exchange students. Also i met many many many Great Koreans and exchange studets all around World!!!



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