Experience of life time in Prague!


Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic. Five last months have been life changing experience for a Finnish technical student and curious explorer. I have fell in love with this city every day during my time here. Experience of living every day life abroad has been more than I ever could have wished!

I love Prague as a beautiful and versatile city. City offers every day something new for you, so you won’t get bored. You share a life with 700 other exchange student and also small range of local people. I was lucky to find an apartment to share with one Finnish girl and one Czech guy. This experience gave me good touch to local atmosphere and life in general.


This was my first longer experience abroad, and studying in foreign language. First I was a little bit afraid how I’m going to survive with English and in different culture and country. But I was afraid for nothing. CTU Czech Technical University of Prague turn out to be good standard university. I had some problems with the most difficult courses, and I had to drop few of them from my schedule.


I learned so many things during my period here as an Erasmus students; speak more English, be more open and social, other culture and language, get to know people all over the world, how it feels to live in s capital with 1,2 million people, study in English, etc….

Thank you Erasmus program, TAMK and other parties to enabled this experience for me!

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