Under the sun of beautiful Barcelona


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I’m doing my event planning internship in Barcelona Spain.

The company is a media company that supplies different business solutions for its clients: online marketing/SEO, advertasing giant products and services for events, recruitment and training and website and multimedia creation. The company forms a group of companies with headquarters in Barcelona and they collaborate with marketing agencies, events agencies, communication agencies, hotels, restaurants, erasmus students, audiovisual companies and tv production companies. Our office is international so it is a great opportunity to work in a multicultural team and meet people all over the world.


Some of my company’s pics of the events

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So far I have done general tasks which are given to all interns, such as online marketing and blogging. I have been planning and creating social media campaigns, translated emails and created powerpoints of company’s services which will be sent to our clients in diffrent countries. At the same I have familiarised myself with all the services the company provides to clients. The company will participate in a big international congress which is arranged in February 2017 in Barcelona. The planning and arrangements for the congress have already started.

The rest of my internship I will be part of creating new events for our clients  in our venue and outdoor, conferences, sport events etc. I will also manage the existing requests of services for events that the company usually have.

I’m working part time, so I have a plenty of time to explore this amazing city and have a summer holiday at the same. Part time internship was hard to find but worth of all the effort.

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I’m not travelling alone, I have my seven year old dauhgter with me. Working part time gives a great chance to balance the daily life and routines with work and to provide  my daughter to have her holiday as well. My daughter has a native english and spanish speaking nanny so my daughter has learned English really well.

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We have enjoyed to live here. Our flat is in nice and quiet local area but still only 20 minutes away from the beach and the sight seeings. We live in the middle of Catalan culture so it has been such a great opportunity to improve my Spanish communicating with people in the local shops and restaurants. People are so open-minded, friendly and social. There is always something to talk about with strangers.

I’m coeliac but it hasn’t been a problem here at all.  I first thought it will be challenging to find suitable food for me but even in our local little grocery store had gluten free products available.

Gluten free and lactose free cakes

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We have visited so many interesting places, parks and sights, been on the beach and tasted local food. We are planning to make day trips outside Barcelona to Costa Brava and Montserrat.

I’m so happy to have two more months to live in this beautiful city which is full of opportunities!


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