Hallo from Rotterdam

First of all I am safe and everything is pretty much fine except some disgusting problems with our apartment.20160822_203418

These first days here in Rotterdam have been extremely busy but now I have finally time to sit down and tell some experience from my first week of my exchange.

The reason why I moved to Rotterdam is that I came to study a logistics and economics to Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. My exchange studies last approximately 5 months, after which I have intended to complete a three month internship in Rotterdam as well.

I arrived Rotterdam on Sunday morning at 10:30 (here a local time is one hour behind of Finland). Our plane landed to Amsterdam at 9:35 from where me and a couple of my classmates from Tampere University of Applied Science continued our trip by train to Rotterdam. All in all, the trip went well even I had my huge ice hockey bag with me, which usually always cause some problems, but not this time..

In Rotterdam I live in one of the student dormitory, Erasmus International House, and I am sharing my  flat with Aleksandr who is also from Tampere but here he studies in the different program. When we finally arrived our dorm, there was waiting a very friendly guy who told us the rules of Erasmus International House and took us to our rooms. First sight was not pleasant. I opened my room door and it looked like someone has got shot in my room. The floors are extremely dirty and the walls have full of smudges plus everything is broken. Literally speaking; this is not bad this is horrible. We have already sent a complaint about the condition of the flat and the complaint is under the process by SSH (the organization which provided this “lovely” apartment to us.

Winger crossed that we can get a new apartment!!!

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However, Rotterdam is a very cool city with its lively cultural life and riverside setting but especially the architecture of Rotterdam is outstanding. During these few days we have explored the city and  I can surely say that this is one of the coolest cities where I have ever been. If I need to describe Rotterdam by using two words, the words would be a modern and fresh.

In addition to studying , I also play ice hockey here in the Netherlands. The team where I play is called Zoetermeer Panters, which is playing in BeNe league. This is the highest league in the Netherlands and Belgium.

More about my upcoming season in my next post!





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