Greetings from Hungary!


I was in Budapest for four months. The streets in Budapest as you can see were not in a good shape. But I still loved that street. My home was there, it was near the city, I could walk anywhere or take a tram or a metro so easily. And the buildings! So beautiful and old.

My home street in Budapest










School in Budapest was easy. Hardest part was  to understand and speak English, luckily all of my teachers spoke good English so I didn’t have too much troubles with that. And I also enjoyed the fact that every class I took, there was more than one exchange student.

Statue of Liberty

Most people think about New York when you say statue of liberty. But not so many knows that there is statue of liberty in Budapest too. If you want to see it, you have to climb all the way up to Gellert hill. I must say it’s not easy if it’s +25 degrees.

What about my spare time which I actually more than I expected. I travelled a bit to Venice, Netherlands, Vienna, Krakow and Aarhus. It was more expensive than I thought but it was worth it.


I fell in love with Venice where I spent 3 days in March. Do I need to say more?

But what I enjoyed the most was my lovable room mates. I lived with four boys, one from Germany, one from the Netherlands and two from Brazil. They made my day when I felt upset and when I was happy, they made me even happier. Also now I have place to stay if I want to go to Germany, the netherlands (again) or Brazil.

The other Brazilian had already left when we took this photo



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