Grüße aus Göttingen!

I spent my exchange days in the post-card-like Göttingen. The city of 115,000 inhabitants is not called the university city for nothing. It is famous for its old university, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, that was founded in 1737. There’s also two other universities, one private and one university of applied science.

Gänseliesel statue in the inner city


Because there’s so many students in Göttingen there’s a young vibe in the city. There’s a lot to do on your spear time, you can go to the movies, do a bar round, eat in one of the many restaurants or cafës, go to a concert or just relax in the Cheltenhampark. People are mostly friendly and helpful and many people on the streets and stores speak or at least understand English. That makes shopping or navigating through the city that much easier if your German skills are rusty like I had in the beginning. Still there were times when mimicking what you need was the way to go.

I had some hardship with the language in the beginning and that made studying also a bit hard. Still through time I German came back to me.  It was an amazing experience to get to know other cultures. I got to learn about German culture and habits through my friends on free time and I also learned a lot about Chinese culture and people in my German course. I had the opportunity also to tell them about Finland and the Finnish way of life.


All in all Göttingen is a lovely little city with a long history. I wish to return here as soon as possible. I grew to love this city where people are open, streets are like mazes and education is valued.


Mit herzlichen Grüßen


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