Grüss Gott!

A little over one year ago I was packing my stuff to start my adventure as a exchange student in Munich,  Germany.  I was excited to move abroad and looking forward to the experience that the whole ride was about to bring.

Once I landed in Munich, I had the privilege to stay at my friends place until I got my own apartment. It was pretty much impossible to find an accommodation in the mid September, which is the time when the orientation for studies started, – and moreover the time for the Oktoberfest to start. I had some first hand information about the event and it’s significance to Bavaria, but I sure couldn’t prepare for the madness that started on the first day when the Mayor tapped the first keg of beer.

For the Oktoberfest time there were more than triple the amount of people than normally live in Munich and you could literally see it everywhere. People wearing traditional costumes (Trachten, Dirndl), tourists everywhere, Oktoberfest with professors at school facilities and all people enjoying life and good beer. Wiesn( area where Oktoberfest is held ) was packed with visitors from 10 am until 11 pm everyday throughout the two weeks. Wiesn’s layout is build around fourteen big tents that hold up to ten thousand people each. There is cafes, restaurants, shops, amusement park and all what you can wish for from the event on the premises. You can easily spend the whole day or even days going through several tents and look around the area.  Atmosphere is joyful, dancing on benched is a must and sing-along is expected. Even the German ones you get to know within few hours.


Looking back my orientation to Bavarian way of life I can easily say that the experience of Oktoberfest made me understand the culture even more and to adapt to my new residence.

If you have a change to visit Munich, you should most definitely visit at Oktoberfest time. Viel Spass und Prost!

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