Home Away From Home – Life Back in The U.S.

After living and studying in Finland for 2 years I decided that I would do an internship back home so that I could see my family and friends at the same time! It was exciting to be able to take the knowledge and skills I have learned from studying at TAMK and apply them in real work environments and situations.downtown-madison-wi-arts-entertainment-and-politics-1

Unlike many people who are doing their exchange or practical training  I already knew the culture and exactly what to expect when I got there. This had both positive and negative aspects. For example, it was nice that I could focus on working without having to be nervous about making cultural mistakes or having language barriers, but I also understand that sometimes it is good to be put in difficult situations like that  because it forces us to solve problems and become more comfortable with being in uncomfortable situations. These situations make us grow and better understand ourselves.

Even though I was back in my home country for my internship as a marketing assistant I still had to get used to a different city from where I lived as well as a new work environment, but I quickly discovered how to avoid traffic on the way to work and behave in this new work place. I was working quite a lot so I did not have much free time but when I did I visited with my family, and friends from high school. It was nice to be able to go to my old gym to workout and play basketball with my friends.

Madison, Wisconsin at Sunset
Madison, Wisconsin at Sunset

Overall I enjoyed my practical training back home, but I think doing a practical training in a foreign country would be more exciting next time!


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