Che, ¿vos querés saber algo sobre Argentina?

La Boca, such beautiful barrio!
La Boca, such beautiful barrio!

Argentina is the land of mate, asado, empanadas, tango and Malbec. And so much more! For someone who knows Spanish, you probably also noticed their different way of speaking in the headline. I never got used to using vos instead of . Hah or anything else, like their pronunciation.

During my exchange I lived in the capital Buenos Aires and studied Latin business in Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. When I arrived in January it was the middle of summer there. BA is a huge city and there are things to do and experience endlessly! The barrio (neighborhood) I lived in was Palermo, which had everything – bars, restaurants, shops, nightlife and activities. It was really cool area and also very safe. Porteños (the locals) share the amazing culture with the rest of the Latin world of friendly and open people, tasty food, awesome music and dance and laid-back lifestyle. I felt at home right from the beginning.

Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada
Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada

So how was it to live there? Sun and heat, packed up metros (or subte as it is called there), late night dinners, hanging out with friends over mate or wine… Or asado, which is the traditional Argentinean barbecue. Sounds pretty chill, right? Nightlife starts much later than in Finland: people go to clubs between 12-02 and they’re open until 7 in the morning when the sun has already risen.

Lollapalooza Festival
Lollapalooza Festival in San Isidro
Bomba de Tiempo - go check it out!
La Bomba de Tiempo drum show – go check it out!

We usually had Fridays off which gave us the liberty of travelling a bit. It was surprisingly expensive to live and travel there (for decades Argentina has suffered from raging inflation) so unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to go to as many places as I had hoped, but I did see quite a lot. In Argentina I visited a few coastal cities: Mar del Plata which is the closest beach resort and Necochea. From Argentina I went to Brazil (Rio) and Iguazu Falls, which are a must-see if you’re on that side of the world! Stunning. Another trip I made earlier was to Uruguay (Montevideo and Punta del Este), which is really easily reached and cheap from Buenos Aires by ferry, a definite go-to as well.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Hasta luego Latinoamérica! I just know I have to go back <3

Las Cabras, one of our favorite restaurants... Cheers!
Las Cabras, one of our favorite restaurants… Cheers!

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  1. And how about the football in Argentina? Or should maybe call soccer.
    THESE clubs (not only music ones) are really chill don´t you think?

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