Greetings from The Hague!

I study game development and simulation at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I live next to the main campus in The Hague but my classes are in Delft so I have to travel every day by train the campus. My first few weeks have been hectic since I still haven’t quite adapted to studying after summer vacation and the pace we have to study has been almost overwhelmingly fast. We have practical workshops and theory lectures for about 4 weeks in which we study the basics of 3D modelling, game programming, physics, math etc. After that we don’t have any classes to attend to and we are supposed to make a game for the HTC Vive virtual glasses in groups of five students.

This type of studying is something I’ve never had in Finland and it has its positive and negative sides. It gives us freedom to work how and when we want but it’s all up to the team to get things done before the deadline. Since I personally haven’t had any game development classes and I don’t have any previous 3D modelling or Unity game engine experience I have to study extra hard to be worthwhile in the team. Luckily, other students have been extremely kind and helpful if I need help with my assignments or with anything else.

One huge difference is that school cafeteria only serves sandwiches, snacks, warm pastries etc. It’s not very cheap so some/most of students bring their own lunch. I find it hard to adapt because I’m used to having a full meal at school in Finland. Fortunately, our school days are pretty short so breakfast is enough to survive through the day.

View from my roof terrace

I haven’t had much spare time during these few weeks but when I do I have been trying out new culinary experiences and beers. So far I have been pleasantly surprised. The rest of my spare time goes to buying necessities to my apartment and figuring out everyday things like how can I wash my clothes and stuff. After few weeks I’m sure I have more time to do something more fun.

Finally had the chance to taste KFC

That’s pretty much everything I can say at the moment. All in all, my stay has been enjoyable so far and I’ve learned a lot. I’m curious what the future holds.

2 thoughts on “Greetings from The Hague!

  1. Well, hi Kai!
    I hope you’re happy, being an ‘Hagenees’ as citizens of The Hague call themselves. I’m one too, and it’s always nice to read good things about your city. So thank you very much! I hope you know your way around now better than when you wrote the above and that your remaining stayingperiode here will be pleasant and gezellig. Because we Dutch are in the highest state of happiness when it’s gezellig! 🙂

    1. I’m already back in Finland and i could say that The Hague was heel leuk indeed. I’m not sure if I was able to find the ultimate state of gezellig but at least it was a great experience. Godverdomme

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