Scotland – a place full of Castles, Lochs, Hills, and happy people

I am an Environmental Engineering student at TAMK and I came to Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland for doing my study exchange in January 2016. The main reason I choose Scotland was because of  the English language. I  wanted to study and stay in an English speaking country so that I could brush up my English. However, I was not aware  that the pronunciation of the English language here would be so different that it would take me a couple of weeks to make meaning out of what people were saying. Although most of my teachers were either not from Glasgow or managed to talk in an understandable way, however I had a tough time understanding the local students.

Scottish Highland
Scottish Highland

Apart from this issue everything else went as planned. I got the courses which I opted for. All of them were taught in a professional way. The teachers were highly experienced in their  areas and the way of there teaching was commendable. I had taken three modules, each worth of 10 ECTS credits. My favorite was Applied GIS, as it involved a lot of practical work. The other two modules were Sustainability in Built Environment and Contaminated Soil & Waste Management which were both equally well structured and implemented. I found  Scottish college education a bit challenging  as compared to the the teaching at TAMK.

The best part of studying in Scotland was the quality of the English language which made it easier to understand the lectures and the vast amount of study resources available in English language. These two things I found missing in Finland which is justified.

Falkland Palace, Scotland

During the first few months I had a lot of free time to explore Glasgow and its environs. It was a bit difficult to cycle in Glasgow city as at many places one had to use the same path on which cars and bikes run however in the outskirts or along the canals and rivers the ride was pleasant and the scenic beauty was mesmerizing. Thus a  a lot of my leisure time was spent making cycling trips around Glasgow. I got a bike on hire for free from a bike store for couple of month which I utilized well. One of the most cherished trip was a bike ride from Glasgow to the famous  Loch Lomond . I went along with  a group of 20-25 cyclist and we cycled for about 3-4 hours and reached the Loch totally exhausted. The best part of the trip was yet to be experienced, a free Lunch in a restaurant located in a village just next to the lake.

Bike trip to Loch Lomond
Bike trip to Loch Lomond
Getting ready for luch at Loch Lomond
Getting ready for lunch at Loch Lomond
Royal Mile, Edinburgh
With a bag piper at Royal Mile, Edinburgh

The memories I carried from Scotland are pleasant. The friends I made and the time I spent with them will always be cherished. I think I gained a lot of new knowledge concerning my studies and acquired skills which I believe will prove to be useful in the future.

Good bye to Scotland!

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