Greetings from Spain!

I am doing my exchange in Oviedo, which is a historical city in Northern Spain. So far I have really liked it here. The old part of town (next to which I live) is very beautiful and full of life. Especially since I arrived here just before San Mateo, the biggest party week of the year that has originally been established for the Saint of the city.

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Oviedo is about the same size as Tampere, but because most of the people here live in the center area, it seems bigger. The town is surrounded by small mountains and I went hiking there last week. The view from the top was awesome and it was good exercise to climb up there as well.

I have made lots of friends during my first two weeks here. I mainly spent my time with local people, but also with other exchange students from the erasmus network. I also managed to find a room in a shared flat with locals and they are really nice guys and we get along very well.

My campus is located a couple of kilometers from my flat and it is a nice place where we also have good facilities for doing sports. The courses that I am taking are very similar to the ones we have at TAMK, so they include lots of groupwork and other practical ways of studying. Registering to the school was a bit hard because even though I knew some Spanish when I came here, it was hard to get all the official things sorted out because in here people (except some youngsters and couple of the professors) do not normally speak English at all, and because of that I have already learnt a lot of Spanish since I have to use it daily.

After a great start I am really looking forward for the rest of my stay in Spain.

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