Greetings from Belgium

I was just looking at my calender and I was little surprised. I have already been here for one month and two weeks.  I’m staying in small city called Bruges which is also the capital of Flemish region. You may know the film called ”In the Bruges” starring by Collin Farrel. It was filmed here. Time surely flies while eating BELGIAN fries and drinking local beers. Our school started in a rather pleasant way. We traveled around Flemish cities and our school covered all the costs. We saw Gent, Antwerpen, Kortrik and of course Brussels.p11108322

p1110858After the extraordinary warm holiday week it was time to start the work. Our school is catholic and you could say it has rather strict policies. In Finland I can call teachers by nickname but here it would cause bewilderment and not in the positive way. In the most cases you should say ”Sir” or ”Ma’am” but for exchange students they are not so rigorous about it. Being late isn’t tolerated either and major part of the classes are mandatory.

All the classes I have chosen are very nice! All the subjects are very different from each other and topics are interesting. We have courses only with Erasmus-students since there aren’t english programs for Belgian students. It’s nice to have a small group to work with. We are having lots of presentations and they are playing a big part in our assessment. In some classes we also have group projects. All most every class has an oral exam which is something completely new for me.p1120366

When I have some free time I have been travelling around. First we went to Netherlands. We visited Rotterdam, Delft and De Haag. On following weekend I went for a small bike trip to see small villages near Bruges. I went alone since everyone else was having a terrible hangover. Sometimes it’s good to stay away from Belgian beers since they are quite strong. Last weekend we did more extreme bike trip. We cycled from Bruges to France. To be more precise to Lille where we stayed a night in a tent. Next morning we woke up at dawn and cycled to see Yper. There is a very nice museum about the first world war which I recommend to visit. After that we headed to home. All together we made about 170 kilometer by our city bikes. We’re going to have a autumn holiday in few weeks and I’m still figuring out whether I should stay here or visit somewhere.p1120328p1120426


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