Hallo und Grüß Gott aus Deutschland!

It has been lovely spring in this year while I have lived in here German. Spring and summer came quick and I have enjoyed it very much! Life here has been treating me well.

Studying in University is different compared to my studies in Finland. I would say in generally learning here is more based on academic facts. We have many lectures and studying is independent. Getting good marks needs many hours of learning. Professors says that they will teach us only basics but we have to be able to think independent way and form our own opinion. They want us to consider and make up our own conclusion.  I believe that thinking outside of the box and is true learning. I have mainly taken courses from business field in university.


Our international student organization at school has arranged many trips for us. I have took a part many those occasions and the most memorable was Frühlingsfest, which has been hold on Stuttgart annually in spring time. I have also travelled in French and Switzerland and of course here in German. I have met many people from different backgrounds and cultures and it has been unforgettable. I have made German and international friends and I’m sure we will keep in touch also in the future. This time here has been ones in a lifetime experience without no doubt. I am happy and proud of myself that I had courage to do this and it turn out better than I have ever would imagine. So go to unknown, be brave and live your life full!


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