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Weimar is such an adorable city to live in! I managed to make a fool of myself by questioning its title “city”, since the size of this place reminds me more of a lovely village with slow life rhythm and lack of modern office buildings. My German roommate tried to explain that having a Haubtbahnhoff around makes Weimar a proper German city. Oh well, you live and learn.

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Life here is easygoing. The student flat I moved into is only five minute walk from the Matktplatz (and also from anywhere else), and it is consider to be in a quite remote area. Everywhere you need to go is close by, no matter how you may get lost in the small alleys. If you need to travel somewhere further, say Berlin, you can take a affortable bus and get there in less than four hours. Easy.

I started my studies here with an intensive German course. The first three weeks we were trying to handle der, die and das, having quite a lot problems learning the German grammar. It was quite messy, but now I feel great being able to handle all the basic stuff in German. Although I usually spend most of my time with other ERASMUS exchange students talking English I try hard practicing Deutsch as much as possible. Und das ist sehr gut.


The media classes I am attending are quite the same that back in Finland, only difference being the amount of the lectures we are attending. I have only three school days per week, but loads of assignments and projects to handle, which suits me perfectly. The teachers are charismatic and amazing, and  what’s even more they speak very good English. I feel lucky to be able to take a part in their classes.


All in all the life has settled here peacefully, and the Autumn has changed the whole city in bright red and yellow. It will be interesting to see how the winter goes, but at least it is very unlikely to have -30 celcius temperatures or piles or snow. Or is it?

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