Having a craic in Ireland, Athlone!


Hello mates!

And so begins our 11th week in Ireland today. Only 4 weeks to go!#!!?

I´ve been asked to tell something about my stay in Ireland as an exchange student. I will be happy to do that.

My studies

I absolutely love my studies in here. I think I´ve learned more in this time here than I learned whole last year in Finland! But there is only one explanation to that and that is time. I have Tuesdays and Fridays off and my classes starts at 11 am at the earliest. Usually even later, like today only at 2 pm.


When we signed up for courses, I was horrified about Management accounting course. I´ve been so pleasantly surprised because I absolutely love that course! Such an interesting calculations and the teacher is so much fun! He absolutely hates our class, because people won´t shut up and some uses their phones, but I´m having a blast fallowing all of this. He also has a humor that gets into me, so yes gonna miss that one.


My other course is Operations & Chain Supply Management. The teacher is such a sweetheart and funny as hell – but sorry to say this out loud, I don´t learn there as much I would like to. Maybe it´s the language barrier but I´m off track a million times whenever I sit in his class. But the subject is new to me so I have found it very interesting. Something I will definately get into more at home as well. Products and services manufacturing process can be quite interesting to my brain 🙂 Also we did a group work about Tesla, which is now all I can think about. I want my own Tesla and I would like to start building a life at Mars with Elon Musk, thank you very much.


I find the teachers here have a bit more time to put into teaching.  What I don´t understand here, is the fact that we only got to know our final exam days like a week ago and got to book our flights back home only then. Prices have been going up all the time but we couldn´t book the flights any earlier. Well I´m glad we have a return ticket now.


My spare time

I could not be happier about this opportunity I had to come and live here in another country. And what a lovely little country it is. Since I am a bit older (I just turned 30!!) than the rest of the exchange students here, I have had more time to just think and rest than at home in my normal life; work-studies-social life mess.


I do love my daily routines here. We eat the most delicious breakfast each day with fress berries  and we cook nearly all of our eatings ourselves. I haven´t cooked this much in years and I absolutely love it! Can´t wait to continue this in Finland.


We have the best gym at school and we like to play badmington. The gym is only couple years old and it has everything! The staff provides you a free programm you can follow and I´ve already had 3 of those from there. Also they make tests to measure progress and check up on you in the gym. All of this is voluntary of course, but I have enjoyed every bit of that! And I´ve also seen some results so yey for those summer-fats gone away!


We´ve also done some trips. I´ve been to Dublin couple of times and Galway one time. We also went to the famous Cliffs of Moher, which was pretty amazing experience. I think I´ll just leave these pictures here to explain what I´m talking about.

img_8982 img_8962

Than I also drove a car here! The steering wheel is on the right side of the car and you drive left side of the road so that was interesting. Truth to be told, it went pretty well! Can´t wait to drive some more, I hope!

img_9046 img_8555

All together, I´m having a craic here! For those of you that don´t know, craic is an Irish way of saying I´m  have so much fun here and we laugh each day with our abs sore! This definately feels like home, even though it is freaking cold inside!! But I love to coming back to our flat after a trip away.

Thanks for visiting this blog and have a good day!



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