Hello from Malaysia!

I have spent about three months in Kuala Lumpur to complete my study exchange in Taylor’s University. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and its full of historic monuments, skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and street food markets. Malaysia is a multi-cultural land and there are basically three major ethnic groups, which are Malays, Chinese, Indians and the native Malaysians. Weather in Malaysia is most of the time very humid and warm, temperature is around +30°C.


The school here is quite different compared to Finland. When I first came here, I thought that this semester would be quite easy for me, because if comparing my studies in TAMK, I usually have about 8 – 9 modules per semester, but here I have only 5 modules. Well I was wrong… 😀 When I was choosing the courses, I didn’t actually know much about the contents of the modules, so maybe I chose couple too heavy modules in this semester. The workload here is much more than in TAMK, because here we have a lot of assignments and midterms to do.

On my spare time I am mostly hanging out with my friends, going to gym, swimming, studying at the campus area or walking around in the KL city. I have also tried to travel around Malaysia and Asia as much as possible. One of the highlights was surfing in Indonesia during the semester break.


Its been great experience this far and I am glad that I decided to come here. The school is almost done here, just couple final exams and projects needs to finish, so there’s still time to travel around, before it’s time to go back in Finland 🙂

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  1. It was very nice To read about the time you have had there far away. You have got good experience that will help you in studies to come.

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