Boa tarde!

So, it´s been almost three months when I left my dear country behind me and step to a whole new world! I was quite surprised that it was so warm in here in the autumn but hey can´t complain when the temperature was almost +30°C! Although in the hospital where I was doing my internship, it was terrible… But what do I think about Portugal? I think this is like exactly from the postcards you see in the tourist points, so beautiful and colorful country. Porto is at the same time small and big city, there is a lot of to see and discover in here and every time you found something new you get surprised! img_20160917_113904



It is quite cheap to live here, so when you go to supermarket you really don´t have to think what you can buy. Also here is really good ingredients like fish, meat, vegetables and fruits! But have to say that it is almost as cheap to go out to eat. Most of the people are really friendly but I have noticed that in a stores and in restaurants you may not get as good service as you wish but I guess every country it goes that way.






Oh, have to mention, if you come to Porto you have to have a good pair of shoes. There is a lot of hills and height differences! But I´ve heard that person who lives in Porto don`t go to the gym they just walk to home, hahah!


Travelling in here is also quite cheap. I´ve already visit in Lisbon, Braga, Guimaraes and Povoa de Varzim. It´s nice just go to the train station and decide where do I wanna go today… Trains and metros goes like all the time so you don`t have to worry how to get back!




So, like I said, I am doing my internship in here in a hospital, yes I am going to be nurse soon! I have been already in a pediatric surgical ward five weeks in Sao Joan hospital. Have to say; it was really interesting and good place to be. Basically the children arrive to that ward from the operating room. I was also in those operating rooms to see different kind of operations, sooo interesting! Now I am in the nephrology unit in the same hospital and it´s also super interesting! I have seen the dialysis and also a kidney transplant surgery and have to say that I learn so much from the mentors and from the doctors because they really try to explain everything although some of them don´t speak so good English. But at least they try and I respect that!

Portuguese people do a lot of work in here and they don´t get a good salary. There is some differences about the time schedules because Portuguese people are like almost always late…hahah! It just something that I have to get used to it. But I think we work like the same way, we have different kind of protocols but in general we do it like the same way!


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