Hejsan from Halmstad!

Living in Sweden is (well, as you can expect) pretty much the same as it is in Finland, which makes it very easy to feel like home here. The town where I live is located in Hallands län, on the western coast of Sweden and is about 2 hours from both Gothenburg and Malmö, making it very good place to explore southern Sweden and Denmark (and this is what we’ve been doing quite a lot. Halmstad is rather small, but I really enjoy it anyhow. There are many places to visit also within the city, including the best beach in Sweden called Tylösand.

dsc_0858 dsc_1121 Tylösand during the summer and 3 months later

dsc_6299 dsc_6508
Haga district in Gothenburg, and Nyhavn in Copenhagen

The uni here is quite big, and there are something around 400 exchange students. I’m studying in English here and most of the courses I’m studying here are strongly connected to green values and sustainable development, which seem to be quite popular field here. There are not too many lectures per week, especially compared to my program in Finland. However, many courses include project works which require quite a lot work, but if you only schedule your own working well you have loads of time to travel and have fun.

img_20160907_201144 img_20161015_201709
BBQ and vegetarian fiesta at Krus

The dorm where I live is called Krusbäret and most of the exchange students live here. We have our own rooms with bathrooms and shared kitchens. The rooms are very basic with beds and desks, but a lot can be done with little effort. I share my room with a polish girl, and even though first it was a bit difficult, I’m really enjoying it now. In our kitchen there are students from China, England, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria, and it has been super exciting to see what people from other countries eat. The kitchen has actually been the very place where I’ve got to know people and where we spend time together.

img-20160823-wa0011 dsc_1254
Kitchen life and our room.

To sum it up, my Erasmus has treated me well.

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