Exciting Seoul*


It is already 5 months as I am living in one of the most busy cities in the world – Seoul – in South Korea. I came here in summer to enjoy my vacation and get to know the country before the exchange period will start. I fell in love with the city!

I am studying at Konkuk university and 180 exchange students arrived here like me to get new knowledge in this rapidly developing country. Despite not big variety of English-taught courses, I have chosen quite interesting ones according to my major which are  by American professors. At one course I had an opportunity to see a lot of business professionals from South Korea and also foreign businessmen who are running start-ups here.


Konkuk University

In Seoul you will never be bored! There are so many places to visit, so even 5 months are not enough:) This city never sleeps – to my mind, Seoul is the best when sun goes down and lights are on. Then streets are fulled with people in search of delicious food and entertainment, which are on every corner.




The study culture in South Korea differs much from the Finnish one. The lecture type of the courses predominate practical study compared with our university of applied sciences. Also, there are big competition in getting grades – by Korean law, only 30 % of the class can get A-grade, and so on. Attendance matter too: skipped class – get minus point, some professors even stated that flue is not a reason to skip class, sadly.

Anyways, I am enjoying my last weeks in Seoul and reminding all the exciting memories I made here.

Best regards,
Olha Kushnir

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