Hoi zäme! HI! (to more than one person)

Greetings from Switzerland!

My exchange semester in Luzern, in the northern part of Switzerland, has been a great experience. I have studied here International Management & Economics at Lucerne School of Business. The workload at school has been much bigger than what we have in Finland. The high amount of returnable assignments together with theoretical contents of courses have kept me busy during my exchange. Some tasks even regarded something I had never heard about, like our project “Decentralized Autonomous Organisations on a Blockchain: Is this the end of trade?“ However, I had enough spare time to travel and see places as well.


Here in the left picture below you can see me on top of the Pilatus mountain. My parents came to visit me in November and we went together up to the mountain (2128 m) with world’s steepest cogwheel train. In the right picture below you can see the red cogwheel train.



While walking around in the center of Luzern, these sights in the pictures below where usually along the route.  The picture on the left is from the top of the wall of Luzern and in the other picture you can see the most famous sight of Luzern: Kapellbrücke, which is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe (built in 1333).



During our introductory weeks, which our school arranged for us exchange students, we experienced some amazing views. During our bus trip to the locations we were going to visit we, for example, admired these two sceneries: the left one is from the bus trip to Aareschlucht canyon and the canyon is partly in the picture on the right.



As you can see from the left picture below, I was watching ice hockey in Zug, which is quite close to Luzern. The game was a part of the Swiss National League and in the home team, EV Zug, played actually Finnish player Jarkko Immonen.

During my exchange I had the possibility to visit even six countries and Italy was one of them. In the picture on the right you can see one of the most famous football stadiums, San Siro, which I visited when I travelled to Milano.



I have had a memorable time here but anyway, travelling soon back to Finland is something I am looking forward to.



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