Grüße aus Esslingen

Okay I lied, I’m not in Esslingen anymore. But I spent there three wonderful months from September to December. I was supposed to tell you something about my time there while I actually was still there but the time flew past so fast. There were something to do all the time so the actual work got forgotten all the time. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

I studied in Esslingen Hochschule in the Stadtmitte. All of my courses were in English but I could’ve chosen also courses in German. I think that the courses were very similar as the ones in TAMK. The professor talked in front of the class and students took notes if they were awake enough. At the end of the semester were the written exams.

As a city Esslingen was amazing, I really liked the architecture and the small-town feeling. The accommodation was a bit so-so especially the internet connection was awful.  There were few other things that got me questioning the whole” German engineering is the best” but all in all everything went smoothly. The people were nice and open, at least in Finns point of view and all the staff at the school tried to make our stay as comfortable and easy as possible. As Esslingen is in the south other European countries were relatively close and the travel expenses were cheap. It is a great opportunity to see more of Europe than just the city you’re studying in. There is also a lot to see in Germany. It felt like every city has its own castle or something other to see. Hmmm what else. Oh the food of course. The Schwabian food is incredibly salty. And not even that good. Sorry to disappoint. But on the bright side there is a lot of kebab and pizza restaurants in the city and they are quite cheap, at least for a Finn.

I think that is the most of it. Below is a picture taken from Esslingen Burg. Personally I think all the smaller cities in southern German look the same.


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