Greetings from magical Prague

This is one of the most beautiful cities i have ever been in. All the great arcitecture and buildings that have been here so many centuries give some perspective what´s old and what´s new. When we are speaking about old building or town in Finland we usually mean that they have been built century or two ago. Here even the new town has been founded early 1300´s. This city has interesting combination old and new architecture which i find really interesting since I am studying construction architecture.


The feeling that you have in this city is something magical. It´s the weird combination of old structure and modern life and yet they are still working together seamless. Well almost most of the time since the culture is little bit more easygoing with schedules. It feels like here people don´t have the same rush to places like us finns usually have.

My studies have been everything i dared to hope yet sometimes i think we have too much free time and too little actual teaching but it´s only natural because the school is university so they except that you´ll survive by studying yourself. All the teachers are good with english which is really good thing. It´s so much more pleasant to learn when you understand well. Ofcourse we have some courses that have plenty of new words. For example in economics course there are a lot of words from the bussiness world so the dictionary has been my best friend during that course. I still have the exam to do for that course so wish me luck!


Prague is that kind of city that you never feel bored. There´s so much to see and experience that it´s impossible for even one semester. I have spent most of my free time with my roommates thought. I have been so lucky to have them because living with them has been really great. We have so much to talk about and we usually go for the parties together. We are really not party people but we like to go to inteGreat parties that are held by ISIC club which is club for exchange students and the parties are about all the countrys. There´s always three countrys that are presenting their culture by food and a show that can be presentation, games, plays or whaterver comes to their minds.

I have also has a lot of friends wisiting me so we have been exploring the city. Mostly we have tried new palces to go for food and see all the tourist attractions but also tried to explore more and we have found a lot of cool places to go. For example there´s a lot nice quarters in the city.


Studying in Prague have been like studying blinfolded because it´s so different. You don´t really get anything from the teachers at first. In Finland they usually tell you during the first classes what are they excepting you to do so it´s easier to plan your future. You know how much you have to work for the studies but in Prague the informations come little by little so it´s more surprising yet it´s not too bad. And you can always ask and they reveal more when asking. Yet there has been course or couple that have been little different than we thought. After all i have enjoyed the courses because otherwise they are so cool. The topics are exciting.



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