Greetings from Wolverhampton

I study Construction Management in the University of Wolverhampton in UK, England. The exchange has been truly an amazing experience. Right from the beginning we were lucky in Wolverhampton to have mostly good weather for the first two months with only a handful of rainy days even though rain was much expected I when first arrived in the UK.

University of Wolverhampton

I have met so much interesting amazing people from multiple countries all around the world Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Exchange life has been very nice. People are so nice and there was Erasmus parties every weekend until the Christmas Holidays and  countless nice evenings spent with friends.

With Wolverhampton being located pretty much in the middle of England it is easy to visit other towns. Birmingham, the second biggest city of UK is just by a 20 minute train ride away, Manchester one hour and London two to three hours depending on trains.

London Christmas fair







London skyscrapers

It was almost a must to go see at least one football match during the exchange, it is England after all so we went with a group of exchange students to watch the local Wolverhampton Wanderers play in their home Molineux Stadium that seats 31 000 spectators. And yeah, they play in the second highest division and have a stadium that big. Different football culture than Finland.

The Wolves playing
Molineux Stadium

Studying in England differs a little bit from Finland in a way that there is not as much spending time in lectures but more of doing assignment on your own time. And the assignments really took a lot of that ”chilling” time away. But it was a nice way of studying for change. Multiple days spent in the library of the university with fellow exchange students working and hanging out at the same time.

The exchange has now come to and end and I have to say, time went past too quickly. The first two to three weeks were slow but then the studying started with meeting new people every day and having a good time, the 4 months have suddenly come to an end.

– Salim

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