Hello from the Netherlands!

Hoi! Hoe gaat het met jullie ?

I have almost finished my study term in the Netherlands and would like to share that experience with you.

As a study place I have chosen Utrecht University of Applied Science… or maybe this University has chosen me? I don’t know but it was love at the first sight. My study program, university facilities and organisation moments were provided on a very high level. I enjoyed my time being there, even though the studies were sometimes tough!

I have completed a program, created specifically for doing business in emerging markets. During courses we have analysed perspectives and challenges in emerging markets occurring to large multinational corporations and small start up companies. The program was developed by lectures from different backgrounds and this made it so unique and worthwhile. It is suitable for truly international students, who are highly interested in exploring the world.

For example, during entrepreneurship course in teams of five people we had to come up with a business idea, which can change life of local people in a better way. The main condition it should be a country with social or economic difficulties. It was not easy at all. We had to create a website with all financial data, marketing, strategy, supply chain management etc. and present it to real investors, who work for StudentInc ( a start up laboratory). We were assessed as real businessmen and our grade showed the readiness to invest in our idea real money. To be honest, we succeeded and apparently our idea might work, thus we are in touch with my team in case we really start executing our plan!


In my spare time I have travelled through the Netherlands, enjoyed cheeses and had a very very good coffee. I have been to music festivals, museums and art galleries. My friends and family came to visit me from all over the world and I had a lot of fun! To be honest, I have been international student since 2014, so chilling and partying with exchange students was completely  not new thing for me. Anyway, whatever you party or not, there will be always something to do or people, who share your interests.

IMG_0762This is Nijntje. It’s well known among dutch kids.

IMG_0653 2My sister and I travelling to Hague

IMG_0163 2This is a castle in 15km from Utrecht.

Utrecht is a small version of Amsterdam with less traffic and tourists on its streets, that is why I strongly recommend going there. It’s about 25 min by train to Amsterdam, but you might spend weeks to explore every corner of this marvellous city before going to the capital or sin city haha.

IMG_0294Holland at the beginning of NOVEMBER!!!!

Comparing the studies process, everything was structured and clear. However, there was always something to do, I had quite a lot of homework every day. During exam weeks I had a couple of sleepless nights, but I could have avoid it by organising my time in line with responsibilities and needs. In Finland I was way more relaxed with studies and homework, sometimes very irresponsible too. But both this education systems have its advantages and disadvantages.


Dutch people are VERY direct, they do not waste time during work or meetings and… they do not have lunch. I mean, they eat of course, but it is always broodjes (sandwiches). I missed TAMK lunches a lot.

IMG_0694 Dutch know about good herring! Its LEKKER!

This is what I had in my mind, thanks everyone to make my exchange happen.

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