Feels like a home!

I’m doing my intership/placement here in Scotland city called Ayr. And the school here is University of the west of the Scotland (UWS).

So it is first week here turning to end and tomorrow starting a new week. I arrived here tuesday 28th of the february. So i have been here now  days and it feels like i have been here much longer. I already loving these place and city and country. It is so different than Finland which is a good thing. I like a lot. I have had so much to do these first days that it feels like time has fly so fast  and i have been here only 5 days. 🙂

I have already notice little diffencies here compared to Finland. Like for example toilets doors open the “wrong” way, traffic is going oppisite than Finland and what is most delightful thing is that people here is are very friendly and stranger in the streets may say you “Hello” or “Good morning” and after that they smile to you.. Which is nice and it makes me happy and i enjoy even more being here. Everywhere you go people are friendly and interested that where im from and why i’m here. It is nice. And the views here, ou my god! It is unbelieveble and amazing.. And stunning and breathtaking. I could actually live here permanently. This is my place for sure. Ayr is not too big but big enough for me and i love this city.

I have also here two other finnish friends, they came diffrent city than i am. They are from Hämeenlinna. They are nice people. I have spending time with them and we have been visiting in Glasgow and doing lot of thing together. It is good to have somebody else here also who speaks finnish, it is good if you feel homesick or you have some other things. So you can get the support and chearing up from them.  I have been feeling good and exited not feeling homesickness at all. maybe cos i have had so much to do.

So in saturday we was visiting in Glasgow and it was amazing and stunning. We was visitin old cathedral and old greaveyar. Which was amazing. I take it lot of pictures there and i will put here few of them. After we finished our walking in old graveyard, i was speecheless… Cos there was so beautiful and amazing. All the old gravestones and everything. And it is lot if i’m speechless.. I never am.. But it was mind blowing exeperience and i start to think lot of history and everything. So amazed by all i have been through already. We will go there again for sure!!

Like the title sayes: Feels like home! This really does feel  like home. I really enjoy my time here. And i wait everything what is head of me and what is about to come and happent. I’m lovin these place! This is my second home! Still can’t believe i’m here. This is dream come true. Amazing, amazing…

And we have lot of plans what we are going to do but those things i will wrote later.. This is little sneak peak for my placement in Scotland. Much more to write but i can’t get it out of my head yet so i will write those thing also later. But for me most important thing is that i can keep the memories myself even this ends someday. The memories are what keeps me going and this is defenitly one of those memories. Nobody can take away this memories thats for sure. I’m happy now!

And i was thinking to do weekly blog so i do every week one blog and it is end of the week.. 🙂 i upload the pics if i can turn them right way =) i get only 2 pics the way i wanted so i put only those here. Sorry! =) More to come later! =)

-Niina LaaksoP_20170304_155921

This is from the old graveyard. It is only pic there even though i take it a lot. I have take it all the pics for myself and i had edited also if necessary. IMG_20170304_223530_487

Me on the graveyard. 🙂 I have to take it selfie cos it was so amazing. 🙂

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