Hello from Glasgow, Scotland!

Hello everybody from Glasgow, Scotland! I came to Glasgow, which is the largest city in Scotland at the beginning of 2017 to study the EPS program. That is the European Project Semester. It is mostly working with the real company and doing the project in a team and before it a bit of preparations to it with the help of learning some courses.


But what is about my life here, I can say that there are a lot of events happening at the moment. And I am not talking about the small parties between the students itself. So, you would not be bored at all. During the free time, I am usually going to the gym and it became something really important for me. I am training a lot and I have started long time ago, so I just continued it here. There are a lot of options to go to the main gym in Uni itself or go to one of those, which you can find in the city centre. The prices for gym facilities are cheap and of course, there are student discounts.


Moreover, we have been going to Edinburgh to participate the event, which is called the St Patrick’s Day. The picture is below.


Meanwhile, I was in the football team. We were participating in some competition, where we could win some good prizes. The picture is below.


All, in all, the time in Glasgow is good! The only disadvantage is the weather, which does not suite to everybody. It is always rain with the wind there. Sometimes, there could be some sunny days, but it might happen so rarely. That is why, if you are such a person, who wants some sun during the day, maybe it would be not the best choice for you. However, if you can deal with that problem, Scotland will surprise you a lot.




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