Il-ġurnata t-tajba

We have had so nice time here in Malta and soon it is time to come back to home. Life here has been great experience and I’m not really ready to go home yet! But I guess I have to return to the reality. Thank god there is still some time to enjoy this pretty Island.
We have done 200 hours clinical practise here in Mater Dei hospital. Mater Dei hospital is the biggest public hospital here in Malta. Medical Imaging Department includes skeletal imaging, ultrasound, mammography, CT, PET-CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, bone density etc. We had one week placement on every modality. We had also 12 ECTS of normal courses. We did couple courses about pharmacology, professional issues and Maltese culture and language course. Those courses included lectures, presentations and exams.  
When I have had spare time I have visited different places. I have seen Valletta many times which is capital city of Malta, Mdina which is old capital city. I have been also in Maltas two little islands called Gozo and Comino. I have spend time also with my Finnish school friend Tiia and with my new Erasmus friends. We have enjoyed the sun!!
Working culture is pretty much same here in Malta than in Finland. The most different thing is that Maltese takes working easier. Some times they are even slightly lazy. They can take nap during the night shift which is never a option in Finland. But sometimes I like this way of working more than the Finnish way. Even working is easier here Maltese education is very strict and studying here is very hard.

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