Postcard from Sweden

Sunset with new roommates

My exchange in Malmö was nice. My course, called Storytelling – Narration Across Media suited my studies to become a screenwriter here in Finland. According to the course guide the idea of the course was to give a wide idea about how narration is made in different medias. So this meant we covered games, books, films, comics and even sound. It was a lot of information but for obvious reasons we couldn’t dive to depths with them (so to speak). But I liked my course and it helped me to think about narration in a broader sense, not only through screenwriting.

View overlooking to the shores of Copenhagen

I also had a small adventure while there. As my application went late to Malmö University for some reason, I wasn’t eligible for student housing which they normally offer to their exchange students. So on my first day I didn’t know were I was going to sleep, as renting from private was impossible. Well I ended up staying in different Airbnb places eating up ALL my savings from the summer before and it sucked. But because of that I got to meet a lot of people I wouldn’t normally have met, and it was cool. I eventually did get a room in the student apartment due to a cancellation and slowly got to know the people there. It was hard at first because they had known each other for months by then but it went okay I guess. I met some really lovely people that I hope will be my friends for life.

Picture from the garden of one of the places I stayed in

Compared to Finland studying in Malmö University was pretty much the same. The education system as a whole was really similar, although student organizations were really active and they organized multiple events, had clubs and trips and everything. Teachers and school staff were really interested and active in helping their students and it was really great.

This is from when we made a trip to Lapland!

That’s all folks!

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