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So it turns out, that three months in exchange can go by really fast. I am writing from England, Derby, where I h ave been an exchange student for this spring term of 2017.

Derby is a rather small city in the heart of England. There’s not too much to see within the city, which is also a good thing since 1) it is a really, really British city with a real British accent and habits 2) it’s a good city to live in, when you are living first time abroad, visiting the country and want to get the full experience what a life in UK is like 3) it’s easy to get anywhere within UK. The public transport in this country lacks behind and is really slow (I wouldn’t never have guessed, but these days I consider travelling within Finland is fast!), so the central location of Derby has come in handy.



The University of Derby is also quite British. There’s plenty of foreigners as well, so it’s easy to get along and mix to other students without gaining too much attention. Regardless, many students or people in here have said that I’m the first Finn that they’ve ever met! Ohh the wonder. In here, students usually have three modules per term. Since I’m studying BBA, I don’t have any exams but instead I have essays and reports to do (1-2 per module) and an average length for a report is 2000-3000 words. Sounds easy? That’s what I thought, but it turns out that to say everything you want to, is rather hard with such a limited word count. Depending on the subject the instructions of the theories vary, but we have case studies as well as the old-school essays to do. In one module we do a presentation for every other lecture by researching and finding references only within one hour time.


I have tried to adapt the daily life of a British young adult, but since there’s not too much school (on Mon 1pm-8pm and Thur 9am-1pm), I have no idea what do the students do in here in their spare time, especially if they don’t work along their studies! As a result, me and my peers have taken travelling as one of our hobbies. So, so far I’ve traveled to Paris, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Cambridge during my stay. This week’s for Berlin and next is to visit London for the third time during this spring, I’m excited and thrilled! I’ve also started to study Dutch with the help of my Erasmus-friends, just for the fun of it.

Anyways. All’s been good and lovely. The weather have felt like a Finnish spring for the past months and it haven’t rained as much as I thought. Foggy it is, but we can manage to live with that. 🙂

Cheers! xoxo

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