Normal day in Linköping

The culture in Sweden is almost the same than in Finland, so there are not much surprises to tell. Linköping is very nice city and I think it reminds Tampere really much. The city centre is small but you can find everything you need in there. I spend the last 3 months there doing my clinical practise in the Linköping university’s hospital.

Spring came to Linköping little earlier and the early mornings didn’t feel so hard anymore. So, because of the practice I woke up 5 am. the last weeks and then cycled to the hospital at 6 am. and most of the mornings there was a beautiful sunrise, which was much nicer than the couple mornings when it was pouring rain, because it was 5km biking.

The days in the hospital went fast in the ward and of course with the Swedish fika and the day ended around 15.30. In the hospital and in the wards, they usually have a little bigger fika every Friday with cakes and sandwiches.

This year the universitetssjukhus i Linköping was second best.




Real mexican made torillas.


After the day at the hospital we usually just hang out with other exchange students or then just went home and made food for the next day and then went to bed early because of the early waking. My corridor wasn’t the cleanest one so, sometimes the cooking was a little difficult.




I was so thankful that I don’t drink coffee. This is the coffee maker in my corridor and it was like this for two weeks before somebody washed it.




In the weekends when everybody had more time (and weren’t working in the hospital) we usually did something together with other exchange students or then travelled somewhere. We went for example to Göteborg, Copenhagen and Stockholm. We also visited couple times the beautiful Norrköping (small city near Linköping, where is also one university campus) with the free campus bus.


They really know how to make a cinnamon bun in Göteborg.




20170119_184826     Fika at our swedish teacher’s home.

I’m really going to miss my exchange friends and Linköping, but I don’t think I’m going to miss the kitchen in my corridor. 😀

And in the end, here is the best swedish fika song!

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