Remembering Leeds

It’s starting to feel odd that I lived in Leeds for five months but it all seems already so distant. Maybe it’s the Spring Sun and the green fields receiving some saturation causing these Leeds flashbacks as the weather is now almost identical to how it was most of the time in Leeds.

Because of course you want to see how my bus trip to Leeds City Centre looks like. #leeds #leedsuk #hyperlapse

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This is how my bus trip looked like. I travelled from Beeston (Southern Leeds) to City Centre to get to the classes.

Speaking of Beeston, the place was an experience. The area has its dark past of crime and violence. For example, Beeston was the home of the men behind London bombings back in 2005. In October I couldn’t walk home as I was stopped a flock of policemen who closed a large part of the street for a murder investigation. Luckily it was a matter of family drama rather than random gang violence, but it was still shivering.

The area is totally non-gentrified: there’s litter on the streets (often paved with dog poo) and once there was a dead cat on the street for a day.

The area was indeed on the rougher side, but hey, low rents and fast bus connections to the city centre!

We practised lighting for interviews today. With glorious stairs for a background.

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I studied documentary filmmaking in Leeds Beckett University. We made and actual short documentary film during the first semester! For the first months we had courses where we learnt to use school equipment and how to record audio, light a scene and so on.

Studying in Leeds caused some serious cognitive dissonance. They had much more hands-on studies than what I have in TAMK, but it was still really vague. Learning was completely dependent on my own projects quality. Luckily, I had really motivated team to work on the short documentary which turned out to be good.

Enjoying the view in Windermere. #windermere #orresthead #autumn #lakedistrict #england #vsco #vscocam

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We did a lot of traveling during the exchange. It’s highly recommended to visit Northern England if possible, the scenery is really amazing.

As an ale enthusiast I felt like I was in heaven. The country is full of breweries from smaller to larger ones and the pints are always overflowing whether one paid 2 or 6 pounds. The British kitchen isn’t necessarily the most culinaristic one, but it had its moments – especially when served with fine local ale!

Dear UK, please have some sense with all that Brexit stuff. I really wish to come back some day soon.

Landing. #vsco #vscocam #flight #feelfinnair #travel #travelling @feelfinnair

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