My day in Marbella


I have been doing my practical training here in Marbella, Spain. And I just love it! Of course sometimes I have been frustrated and missing home but most of the times I have enjoyed my time here. The weather has been perfect and food is delicious so I would say: all good in Marbella.


Churros with chocolate

First I was in healthcare center and then I went to the hospital. In both places working habits has been quite different than in Finland. I think the biggest different is that everyone is in the same room. I mean everyone. There is a big room, like a small hall where is 8-12 tables were physiotherapist can do the treatment to the client. There is no curtains or walls so everyone can here everything. I think that is weird because in Finland it is very strict that you can not speak someones things to another. But no in Spain. For example if there was a baby everyone tried to entertain the baby. I think there is good and bad things that everyone is in the same room: clients made friends during their treatment period, but sometimes it is so noisy in the room that you can’t even here your own thoughts!


The healthcare center and my colleague.

When I am not in work I try to explore the area as much as I can. I have visited cities nearby such as in Estepona, Fuengirola and also Sevilla. I have also done some hiking because Marbella is surrounded big mountains and you can walk up to the highest point named La concha. It means a shell and it is 1200m high! The view is absolutely amazing and when there is no clouds you can see Africa. Amazing right?


At the top of the mountain, la concha

Like I said before: all good in Marbella



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