Salut de Brussels!

Greetings from the heart of European Union!

Now the three months in Brussels are over, and I had such a great time here!

I  worked at three “stages de kiné” (internships of physiotherapy). The first two stages were in the biggest hospital of Brussels, in the department of orthopedics to start with,  then in the intensive care unit. The last one I did on the other side of the city in a trauma rehabilitation centre. All were interesting experiences and I got lots of knowledge from many different fields of physiotherapy.

As a city I just love Brussels! It is a very lively and vibrant, international metropol with an air of a smaller town. What surprised me was the beauty: very pretty old buildings and nice parks all around. There is always something interesting going on, such as festivals, dancing, concerts, museums etc. In addition I have met many new people from all corners of the world.

At work everything is very social, usually the “kinés” all work in the same big room with their clients and a client might have more than one person responsible for them. The schedules are busy and the workdays long, so it has been fairly tiring with the French language. However, it’s been worth it, I have learnt so many new things. I can thoroughly recommend coming to Brussels for an Exchange period. 🙂

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