Greetings from Cyprus

Cyprus is one amazing island full of treasures. I did my study exchange there and my journey now continue to another place. I leaved in Nicosia which is the capital city. The atmosphere in the city and around the island is from ancient time mixed with oriental flavour.



I spend my time there in different ways. Mostly I tried to discovered and taste new things related to the culture as well as to meet new people from another countries. I was travelling, enjoyed the night life, taste the delicious food, sport, relaxing under the sun with glass of fresh orange juice, and of course my courses which I had  in the University of Nicosia, where I enjoyed very much.


The climate is totally different from Finland in point that here the average temperature during the year is  around 25 C.  But after all even here I found some snow in the Mountains :))

IMG_0702 Troodos Mountains


see you again!

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