Greetings from Barcelona!

I came to Barcelona in the beginning of April when I got my internship here in a large international translation company. I’ll be staying here until the end of September so I’m a bit over half way through my stay in this gorgeous city.

As I mentioned I’m working in a translation company and I’m an intern in project management in one of the multicultural marketing teams. My daily tasks are mainly to help the team with different clients we have, so my days are filled with emails to find linguists for the needed jobs and paying them for their work and to check that the final translations are perfect for the clients. So far, I have enjoyed my internship and I have learned a lot.

The only thing I still find myself struggling with is the working hours. I work from 10 to 19 and as a Finn I would prefer to go in earlier to get out earlier too. Often, I end up feeling that I just spent the whole day at work and there’s really no time to do anything else, but I still need to try to get used to the Spanish way of living. Besides this I don’t really see many differences working in Finland and in Spain.

During my free time, which I mainly have on the weekends and bank holidays I tend to spend time with friends, going to the beach or just wandering around the city. Barcelona is a wonderful city because it has everything; the beach, the big city vibe and a lot to see and do! I have also done weekend trips to Montpellier in France and another one to Andorra. With the time I have left here, I hope to explore a bit more of Spain too.


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