Greetings from Argentina!

Here in Buenos Aires everything is going very well! Our University is excellent and there is qualified professors. They are happy to tell us about their culture in Argentina. We have very much tasks in little groups which is nice way to get to know each other. Most of the other excahange students are from France. Punctuality is the most different thing in the lessons, because in Finland we are so punctual and Argentinians and french aren’t. But now we are getting use to it!

At the freetime I desided to get know other countries in South-America too. Now I have seen Iguazu Falls between Argentina and Brazil. That was awesome. I was there two nights in the hostel “in the middle of the jungle” (that’s how it felt like). Hostel was very comfortable and there was many exchange stundents from different countries at the same time. We had nice pool parties at the night and weather couldn’t be any better!

In the march we finnish exchange students made trip to the Uruguay. We travelled there first one hour by ferry and then three hours by bus, it was easy trip. We spend one weekend there in a little hostel. Montevideo was peaceful city after the metropolis Buenos Aires. We laid on the beach and we had a tasty dinners in fine restaurants. In uruguay there was also tango dancers on the street same than in Argentina.

In the April I and my friend went to Rio de Janeiro Brazil  and we spent there five days. We were suprised because brazilians doesn’t spoke spanish very well. And English at all! In Brazil there weren’t that expensive than in Buenos Aires. We were shopping in the bazar and we swam in the ocean. Cobacabana and Ipanema -beaches was amazing! And one of my favorite was Sugarloaf mountain!


I love this new culture and warm weather. I arrived here on january when here is hottest summertime, +36 degrees! It feels so good to be in here when there is so freezing and snowing in Finland. God, I’m gonna miss this already. Lovely South-America, I hope we meet soon again!

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