Living in Germany

Summer semester 2016/2017 in Dortmund Germany was unforgettable. I met a lot new people, traveled, my car broke down, bought a new one, learned a lot about other cultures and countered all kind of different situations.

Ruhr Museum in Essen, Zollverein

I think one of the most positive thing was the climate in middle-Europe. We went to Dortmund 03.03. and at the end of March we bought a grill and had a barbecue at our balcony with friends. It was like +25, not too bad after the Finnish climate.

End of March in Dortmund

I studied at FH Dortmund in International business. I think studying in Germany was bit harder than in Finland. My courses were in English so can only imagine how would it be if they would have been in German. I think most of the local students are quite study oriented and quite keen to success in their studies.

Spare time in Germany was filled with traveling, sports, parties sometimes, friends and perhaps some studying sometimes also :).

Local Discgolf park in Dortmund

Working culture in Germany is more hierarchical than in Finland. They are quite serious about their own achievements as a person/employee and want to be recognized for those. Sometimes it also felt that because of the volume of people is so big in Germany (at least if compared to Finland) they can be a bit rude for example in customer service situations. I didn’t really enjoy that discovery.

Classic car Remise Düsseldorf

All in all Germany was an amazing experience and totally worth it!


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