Glad Påsk och hälsningar från Sverige!

Time flies when you have fun and lot to do. I have only two weeks left here in Linköping. Like you can guess, the culture and scenes here are pretty much same than in Finland and that’s one reason why this city has been feeling like a second home. The other reason has been friendly local people and other exchange students who have made these three months so funny and unforgettable.

Stora torget Linköping
Street of the city center and my home street
Buildings of Gamla Linköping

I live in a corridor apartment in a student housing area. I have my own room with own bathroom, but kitchen is shared with other seven students. And  have to say it hasn’t been very luxurious… Now I see that everyone don’t have the same view of the cleanness and hygiene.

My corridor with a messy kitchen…

In the beginning of our exchange we had orientation week together with other exchange students who’re studying medicine, nursing or physiotherapy.  We played together funny games, studied Swedish and were introduced to the university of Linköping. It was easy and nice way to get to know each others.

Picture of my exchange student group, they are amazing people!

Working with a different language has been hard and has taken a lot of energy and effort. But I think it has given more than taken! My first placement was in Pain and Rehabilitation center, and my patients consists mostly of adults suffering from chronic pain. I got chance to instruct physical training and mindfulness to the patient group I saw three times a week. I had also individual patients who I examined and made them personal training programs. Professionals worked in teams of doctors, occupational therapist, psychologist and physiotherapist, so it was great opportunity also learn to work in an interprofessional working group. First I felt myself completely lost with the patients because of the language, but after couple weeks it got easier and easier.  I was happy that they gave me much responsibility and own patients because that’s the way I can learn the most.

After my first four-week practical wee took train to Oslo with my Finnish classmate. From Oslo we flew to Lofoten islands. It was so breathtaking beautiful there, no words to describe the landscape!

Beautiful landscapes of Lofoten

After our holiday in Norway, I had theoretical part in Linköping’s university with swedish students. It was interprofessional course and handeled of quality improvement with healt care. My group worked in Campus Norrköping, which is in the city next to Linköping. The city and campus were super beautiful!


Last three weeks I worked with home rehabilitation. I was surprised how relaxed it was. They had max four patients for a day and long coffee and lunch breaks. But it was interesting to work at patients’ home and rehabilitate them in their normal living environments.  Next two weeks I will spend in the orthopedic studentward in hospital of Norrköping. That’s ward where students of different degree programs works together with the help of their supervisors.

I’ve been spending my spare time at the local gym and with other exchange students. After long working days it has sometimes felt hard to find energy to do something in the evenings. But in the weekends we have had international dinners and just chilled together or visited different cities of Sweden with other exchange students. Every Tuesday evening I have Swedish course to improve my language skills. And not to self: it’s so much harder to understand native swede’s speech than the listening comprehension tasks that we have used to listen at school 😀

Huge cinnamon buns and beautiful streets of Göteborg
Sunny Stockholm

I’m feeling both happy and sad to return back to Finland after two weeks. I’m missing my family, friends and hobbies in Finland, but also going to miss people I have met here. I wish that Finnish people could be as open and share their feelings and thoughts as bravely than international people here. This exchange has taught a lot about physiotherapy and internationality and definitely gave me courage and great experiences. I can feel myself really lucky to have this kind of opportunity during my studies 🙂

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