Life in Linköping

During my exchange in Linköping I have had three very different placements, and 2,5 weeks of learning project at the University of Linköping. First 4 week placement was in Attendo Care in Linköping, the second 3 week one in the city nearby, Norrköping, and the last one at Linköping university hospital in geriatric ward. So I’ve seen a lot of patients with all ages, disordes and diagnosis. The ultimate best place was in Norrköping primary Care at the rehabilitation ward where I had a great mentor! I almost wish I could go back and work there, but my language skills are not good enough to meet patients my own. The language felt hardest with elderly people, when there was  barely  any communication between me and the patients. So, for me it was a lot of observing. In Norrköping I could develope my physiotherapy skills more due to younger patients and an awesome mentor.


Rest homes in Attendo were beautifully decorated fot the patients.
Office-dog Hermes at Attendo.
Basic treatment room in Norrköping Rehab öst.

On my free time I like to go to the gym called Campushallen, which is the best gym I’ve ever seen! It inspires working out several times a week and it’s only 20 minutes walk from my apartment.


Campushallen has everything!

We spend a lot time together with the exchange group and corridor mates. Usually on weekends there’s a party somewhere everybody goes to, usually at Flamman. With corridor mates we play cards and board games, drink wine or watch movies. Every other Sunday it’s cleaning Sunday and everybody takes their part of cleaning the whole corridor’s common spaces which is nice.

Friends from different countries.

On weekends I’ve also tried to travel as much as possible. After the first placement we had a week off with the other pt-student from TAMK, so we headed to Oslo and Lofoten Islands. Norway is so beautiful, it was one of the most best trips I’ve made! I also visited Göteborg, Stockholm, Vendelsö, Norrköping and Copenhagen.

Lofoten Islands, Norway.
Beautiful sunset in Lofoten Islands.
Stockholm’s old city and narrow streets.
Norrköping’s University is located around the waterfalls and river.
Colourful Nyhavn in Copenhagen.
Railwaystation in Göteborg. Most of the travelling I’ve done by train, so many railwaystations has been seen.

If I would compare the working and study cultures in Sweden and Finland, I wouldn’t find that much differences. Because the health care system is so similar to Finland, it has been easy to blend in during my placements. The one hard thing during the placements and project at the University has been the language. Communication with patients and teammates was hard on times, but we managed it through with the mixture or english, swedish and body language. Well, if I would say one thing, swedes seem to spend more time on morning and evening fika. They like to take it easy during coffee breaks and have conversations about anything, which is kind of nice.

Fika time!


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