¡Hola! Saludos desde Madrid!

I have now spent the last 10 months in Madrid. First, I was doing my Erasmus studies here at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos for one semester. After that I started my internship with a company called Citylife Madrid. At the moment, my 5 months internship is going to end. On this post, I will focus on my experiences during my Erasmus study exchange abroad.

One semester in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos lasts for about 4-5 months, depending on which courses you select. All my courses lasted from September to December, so I didn’t have school anymore in January. The University was located a little bit outside of the centre of Madrid, so I always went there by metro which took about 30-40 minutes each way. The campus area was nice; couple of palm trees on the outside and benches to sit down during breaks. Also, the big library was a good place to study for the finals and to do group projects. About the courses that I selected: compared to my studies in Finland, I think the teaching quality wasn’t as good and furthermore, there weren’t so many interesting courses to choose from. Not only is this my opinion, but I have also heard the same from other Finnish exchange students as well. I studied all my courses in English but there was also a chance to study in Spanish or with both of the languages.

And then something about Madrid itself… I’m not wondering at all why it is the capital of Spain. Madrid is a really beautiful city that is full of life day by night. Its architecture is just gorgeous. The city is divided in many different neighbourhoods of which Malasaña and La Latina are definitely my favourite ones. Not to mention the Parque de El Retiro that is a huge park in a city centre. I used to go there to run in the evenings and sometimes have picnics with friends during the day.

In Madrid, there are parties going on every day of the week and you can’t find a bar that doesn’t have Sangria or Tinto de Verano in their selection. People like to sit down outside on the terraces to see their family and friends while eating some tapas.

In Spain they have many different holidays during the year. That means, no school or work and also some shops might be closed (depending on which holiday is it). That gave me and my friends good reasons to travel all around Spain. We visited many cities, for example in Valencia and Sevilla. Those cities were so pretty too!

If you ever wondered about doing a study exchange in Madrid or to just go there for vacation, I can highly recommend it! The culture and the city itself is way different than what we have in Finland and it gives you amazing experiences and memories to remember for the rest of your life! <3

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