Austria, the amazing place to be

Greetings from Austria! A truly beautiful and amazing place to be.
Its a great retreat if you like Nature, you can go to the Alps, or if you like cities and architecture, you can go to Vienna. Absolutely astonishing buildings make you feel like you are living in the 1700s.

The International Business field in FH Wiener Neustadt is very in depth and you can select to study whatever you really want and really deepen in that field. There are a lot of courses which offer a great opportunities. The school facility is amazing and the atmosphere is great too, which motivates you to study well.

During my exchange in FH Wiener Neustadt i have learned the key differences between Finnish and Austrian schooling system. It is somewhat more strict in here and there is a stronger discipline. For example, from some courses you have to have more than half % to even get the worst possible grade. You really need to put hard work to it in order to get a good grade. The good news is that the courses are distributed so, that there are only few per day, and some days you will have “free day” so you can study from home and not show up to school. This is always great because you get to sleep longer and not wake up early.

Our school

One of the biggest problems however is the fact that in the library there are not enough course books for all, which means you will have to find a partner from which you could borrow the books.

Free time!
Of course its not only about studying all the time. You get to hang out with people and learn to know them. Luckily in our dormitory we had the most amazing people living in our student housing. Party? No problem. Breakfast? No problem, Dinner? You say it, Chief.
This is a truly great place to socialize and be with people after hard studying -> Our dorms. We had parties every weekend and there were always people that left somewhere to explore Austria during the holidays and you could come with them.  Luckily Vienna is just 20km away so that is like 13minute train ride to the big city. And there is always something you could do there. Meet people, go to restaurant, clubs, and such. Its cheap and its fun!

Our amazing dorms

The amazing Wiener Neustadt

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