Feeling Austrian wibes


Time flies in Austria. As soon as I arrived to Airport in Vienna, I knew I chose the right place to come studying. Beautiful landscape with its old cities and historical places got me feel like that I won’t get bored during my stay here. Even though the city of Wels felt first like it was quite small for a five month visit. Already after first two weeks, I got to know most of the common places around the city. But it didn’t bother me, because I knew that the location of the city is perfect for traveling. In the beginning using almost every weekend to go to new places, was definitely one of the best things to do, because I knew that there will be more schoolwork to be done at the end of semester.

Studying in Austria is a little different that I’m used to in Finland. As in both countries most of the people are well motivated and the professors have a really good knowledge about their subjects. Still the feeling I have about the studies is that most of the courses in Austria are, more or less, just trying to learn new things by reading it from a book. Then later at the exams there’s a big hurry to put all you know to the paper with so little time to use. Normally I prefer more hands-on doing by discussing more and analyzing the new information we get by doing exercises. That’s why I think that the best experiences I have from the university are the project classes with local students. It is a nice way to see how they work as a group and support others in their team.

Even though the times I have spent at Wels have been one of the greatest of my life, I know that getting back to studies in Finland is something I like more. Still I feel that the Finnish way of education suits me better.

A beautiful scenery from Austrian Alps


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