Greetings from historic Brno!

I arrived in Brno two days before the exchange period started. I was going to live in dormitories close to the school hole time. First thing that I noticed when I came in Brno was that it was feeling like summer, because everything was so green, and sun was shining everyday although we were living September. Luckily, I packed few shorts with me.

The school system here is very different than in Finland. Of course this school here is university and that’s first difference and the second is that there are much more lessons in TAMK than in here. There are no very much of any schoolwork so the independent study is important here. What is been also different is that many of the classes have cancelled in here because teachers have to go somewhere abroad or some training events. In addition, studying here is been very nice and it’s been good change to studying in TAMK. Beneath in left picture is the dormatory where I live and in the right there is Faculty of Mechanical Engineering where is most of the classes.

In spare time I have visited many other countries that are nearby for example Poland, Hungarian, Slovakia and Austria. In addition I have visited in London by airplane which was very cheap. In the weekdays I usually exercise a lot for example go to the gym, running, swimming or play football with other students. The food is here cheaper than in Finland so I eat out almost everyday in week and that’s pretty nice, because I don’t like cooking very much. Czech Republic is world’s number one beer consumer and I understand that well because the beer is very good and cheap.


Thank you!




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