Greetings from sunny Lissabon!

I’m gonna tell you something about my exchange in Lissabon. I went there in September and stayed there five months. At first we had Portuguese language course which lasted two weeks before our actually studies. That was really nice way to get to know people before actually starting school! The actual studies were full of group works and presentations, which was nice at first but you get tired of that little by little. Studies were a lot different than in Finland, but I didn’t expect that I would have better studies abroad than in Finland. At least the city was so nice that not so good school wasn’t that big deal.

Best way to meet all the exchange students and get to know people as much as possible is to go to different events that ESN and ELL organize. ( They organize pubcrowls, trips to smaller cities, skydiving (which was so cool, huge recommendation!!), speed friending and a lot more. By participating to these, you will definitely find interesting people from different countries!  

I travelled around Portugal, to smaller cities. The most beautiful place I can recommend is Setubal, a lot of beaches there and so quiet, totally peace. I can tell you a couple of places also in Lissabon, you should visit. Beautiful beaches, like Carcavelos and Cascais. You get there easily with train. Tram 28 is the most famous tram in Lissabon and it goes through the whole city, so that is good way to see city also if you don’t have energy to walk around city. Lissabon is full of uphill, so many people use tram 28 to see the city.  Belem is near to the center, and there is Torre de Belem, which is worth to visit. There is many viewpoints in the city, where you can see beautiful sunsets and the whole city.

All in all, my stay in Lissabon was really good. I wouldn’t change a day!



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