Spring in Madrid

I did my exchange studies in the capital city of Spain aka Madrid! I have to say that I fell in love with the city, culture and the people there. My favourite thing was definitely getting to speak Spanish and enjoying the nice weather and sun.

The university I attended was Universidad Fransisco de Vitoria, a private university located a little bit outside of Madrid’s center. I really liked the university and the campus. There was a lot of activities offered (trips, buddy program, choir, sports, acting workshop etc.) and the campus area was nice.  Also, the location was not a problem since there was a shuttle bus from and to the city center that took only 15 minutes. I think that studying was fairly similar to what I was used to at TAMK. The class sizes were small and the amount of group works and homework was the same in my opinion.

Madrid has a lot of activities and events all the time, so there was no way to get bored! Even just strolling around in the different neighborhoods was so nice. I usually did that or something fun with my friends or went to the gym or dance classes.


I also had time to travel and see new places in Spain! Madrid is very well connected everywhere, so it was easy to just choose a place and go. There are a lot of smaller historical places 0,5 – 2 hours away like Toledo and El Escorial which I really recommend. But also more exotic places like Morocco are closer than you would think!

I would definitely recommend doing an exchange no matter what the place. From my experience Madrid is a perfect place if you want to learn Spanish, have a lot of activities to do and enjoy people around you!

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